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Healthcare marketing news – July round-up

Healthcare marketing

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19th July 2022


Written by Louis Meletiou


Digital marketing

We pride ourselves on staying up-to-date on the latest healthcare marketing news, opinions, regulatory changes and insights. And every month, we round-up the stories that caught our eye and summarise them for our readers.

Here are your digital healthcare updates for July.

Protecting people’s privacy on health topics 

As you’d expect from the search engine giant, Google state “we’re committed to delivering robust privacy protections for people who use our products, and we will continue to look for new ways to strengthen and improve these protections”. This recent blog article details how Google is helping to protect user privacy around health issues, such as deleting location history and data held in apps. To learn more, read the full article, Protecting people’s privacy on health topics here.

Medico take: While this article is aimed at a US audience, regulations surrounding privacy are updated frequently. If you’re trying to reach UK or EMEA audiences, it doesn’t hurt to be aware of potential changes that may be coming our way in the future.

Digital healthcare in the NHS expands with £150 million in government funding

The government recently announced that it would invest £150 million over the next 3 years to enable digital healthcare transformation. The pandemic accelerated the use of digital tech in healthcare, with over 28 million people now using the NHS app. The NHS app will be the focus of government plans, paving the way for personalised experiences for patients. This news echoes what we’ve heard when speaking with our clients. Read the full article, Digital healthcare in the NHS, here.

Medico take: Patients want fast, convenient and secure access to healthcare in their own time and on their own terms. Ensuring a robust digital presence will help you fulfil patient expectations and keep up with the pace of change. 

Trust in AI among healthcare staff and patients ‘will improve with regulation’

It is undeniable that AI technology will play a more significant role in the future of healthcare delivery, but its adoption will depend on strict regulation, along with patient and clinician trust. The ‘AI in Healthcare – Transforming the UK’s Health System’ report from law firm DAC Beachcroft, brings together clinicians, regulators, developers, investors and lawyers to examine the potential of AI tech, as well as explore the legal challenges which will need to be navigated. 

Medico take: AI offers endless opportunities for improving healthcare. But one of the key areas for successful adoption will be gaining patient and clinician trust. Pivotal to building this trust will be a human-centric, go-to-market strategy that puts your audience at the heart of marketing campaigns.

Why redesigning healthcare requires a human-centred approach

With the government putting more money aside for digital healthcare and conversations surrounding the legal implications of AI it’s clear that digital health is here to stay. However, efforts to improve outcomes and lower care costs must also maintain that human element. With a digitally integrated, human-centred approach, we get the best of both worlds: The emotional connections of human interactions and the scalability and efficiency of digital technology. Read the article “Why redesigning healthcare requires a human-centred approach” here.

Medico take: Organisations have an excellent opportunity to improve patient outcomes through digital healthcare solutions. But healthcare always has been inherently “human”. Organisations must ensure that digital solutions retain a human element.

Lang Buisson report – Has London become an overcrowded hospital market? 

LaingBuisson has published the eighth edition of its Private Acute Healthcare Central London Market Report. The report asks the question, what is happening to private acute demand in the capital? Demand naturally declined due to Covid but demand still is yet to reach pre-Covid levels. Why is this when the self-pay market has seen huge growth? 

Medico take: Self-pay is here to stay. Creating great digital patient experiences will be critical for healthcare providers, hospitals, and clinicians to succeed.

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