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Medical website design specialists

Our medical website designs provide best-in-class digital experiences tailored to your audience. We help earn trust with patients, educate HCPs about the latest healthcare innovations and showcase diverse product portfolios and services.

We know that no two clients are the same, so we will go to great lengths to understand your healthcare business and the exact needs of your target audiences so that your medical website truly reflects your brand and aims.

Medical website design specialists

All of our healthcare websites are built with:

Bespoke design

All our websites are expertly designed by our in-house team of healthcare website designers. Our collaborative design process considers our client’s feedback at every stage to ensure complete satisfaction.

Mobile first

We aim to create an intuitive user experience across all device types. We undertake a mobile-first approach to the design of websites to ensure every medical website we develop works seamlessly on mobile and tablets.

SEO optimisation

We develop all our websites with healthcare SEO best practice to ensure your new website gets a head start in the search engine rankings. We advise on valuable keywords for your business to place you in the best position to attract enquiries.


Content management systems provide a user-friendly platform for you to manage your website content. Our team of website developers can develop across multiple CMS frameworks and will advise on the most appropriate technology for your business objectives.

GDPR compliance

Ensuring your website adheres to GDPR guidelines can seem daunting, but don’t worry, we’ve got your back. All our medical websites meet GDPR web design standards and ensure your data is kept secure.


We help to make sure your website is inclusive to all types of users by ensuring adherence to the highest standards of website accessibility, catering to different disabilities as well as restrictions on speed and bandwidth.

Our medical website design services

Research and analysis

A thorough review of your brand(s), services and products to better understand your healthcare organisation’s objectives, target audiences and value proposition.

Further desk-based research helps us to learn more about your target audiences from a holistic view and uncover known challenges, customer behaviours, goals and motivations.

We build insights on your competitors; including brand styles, messaging and tone of voice, customer perception and products and services.

The aim is to create a connected, well-reasoned brand story that provides the foundations for an effective medical website and a first-class digital experience for your customers.

Content review

Whether you’re embarking on a new medical website project or updating an existing one, it’s our job to help you classify the content in a clear and understandable way and ensure it meets search engine best practices.

We review existing website content to identify any gaps and areas in need of improvement and conduct keyword research to inform an optimised website structure for search engine visibility.

We define the role of each page in order to build an effective website hierarchy. This allows users to navigate your site with minimum effort, increasing overall engagement.

User-journey mapping and wireframing

Good user experience (UX) relies on a deep understanding of users; their needs, abilities, limitations and what they value. It should also consider your business goals and objectives.

We aim to create an optimised user experience for every medical website we design. We map out the information required by each user, the actions they wish to take onsite, and user goals.

Using this insight, we will create low fidelity wireframe designs to illustrate target audience user flows, addressing their decision, assumptions and pain points.

Our aim is to create a seamless user journey, reducing any barriers to conversion, whilst improving the quality of the user’s interaction with and perceptions of your products and services.

High-fidelity design and prototyping

We take a mobile-first approach to medical website design as this organically leads to a design that’s more content-focused, and therefore user-focused. The heart of the site is content — that’s what the users are there for.

Our design process is thorough and informed. We work to create a website experience that is not only tailored to your users but also mindful of your brand style and business objectives.

We’re agile in our methods and work effectively at this stage to produce anything from static concept visuals to fully-working dynamic prototypes. This way you can experience the full impact of your new medical website design before a single line of code is written.

We have systems in place that allow us to hand over assets and specifications to your development team of choice.

Usability testing

We have a broad range of tests that we carry out with representative users to validate design decisions and inform strategic implementation.

We can scale our usability testing to be as thorough or as general as the project requires. Wireframe, content navigation, A/B and goal-driven testing are just a few of the ways we evaluate how users interact with your product.

The result is a thoroughly tested, data-driven medical website design that meets user requirements and provides an intuitive, first-class user experience.

Website development

Our in-house team of full-stack website developers will translate any design into a beautiful, fully-functional healthcare website, ensuring even the most complicated functionality is executed to perfection.

We begin by converting your chosen design into a fully responsive staging environment and developing the custom features and functionality. We then move on to implementing and migrating the website content, including the copy, imagery and SEO descriptions, before integrating tracking tools for measuring website metrics and any third-party software integrations required.

We ensure the website is technically optimised and meets Google’s core web vital guidelines, including lightning-fast page speed, sitemap provision, and applicable SEO metadata.

At key milestones, we ask for feedback and continue to iterate the website until you’re completely satisfied.

Accessibility & security testing

We test websites across all major browsers and device types to ensure cross-compatibility (particularly within acute healthcare settings) and W3C WAI Web Content Accessibility Guidelines are met, ensuring the highest standards of web accessibility.

We verify web accessibility using the aXe Accessibility Engine, which includes tests to verify that visitors using text to speech are able to navigate and find information on the website.

We conduct a thorough security audit, fixing any issues that are discovered and ensuring websites are secured against OWASP Top Ten Web Application Security Risks.We encourage all our clients to obtain Cyber Essentials accreditation, and where necessary we work with third-party partners to conduct further website penetration testing for enhanced security.

Website audit (CRO, SEO & UX)

Ensure your medical website is meeting your objectives, the goals of its users and performing to the best of its abilities.

Our website audits provide a critical review of website key performance metrics to identify areas of improvement relating to user experience, conversion rate optimisation and SEO.

We conduct a variety of tests to arm you with all the insights you need to maximise page performance. Findings are provided in a prioritised best practice recommendations document and include:

  • Landing page reviews
  • Exit page reviews
  • Heatmaps and scrollmaps
  • Session recording analysis
  • Exit intent feedback
  • Unmoderated user testing
  • UX best practices
  • Testing roadmap
  • Technical SEO review
  • Content review

Ongoing support

We provide ongoing support to ensure your critical web services are always available and always secure. Our website support ranges from managed hosting services and essential maintenance to more enhanced ongoing support including:

  • Website hosting management on a dedicated secure Google Cloud server (ISO/IEC 27001 certified)
  • Website audit against vulnerabilities in the OWASP top 10 vulnerabilities
  • Access to our web support team to make minor website changes, available through our support portal
  • Obtaining and managing SSL certificates
  • 24/7 automated website monitoring to ensure an immediate response if the site is unavailable
  • Regular security updates and backups

Our time-banking model allows clients to ‘bank’ any time not used each month (accrued up to a 3-month cap), which can then be set against new development work, should you require it.


Our website design process

Our expert medical website design team follow a tried and tested process from start to finish to create dynamic and engaging websites that give your healthcare brand the edge over your competitors.

1. Discovery

Our team will carry out in-depth planning to ensure we’re aligned with your objectives and that we capture all your requirements.

2. Wireframing

We will map out the key user journeys and create a set of wireframe designs to illustrate the journeys users can take onsite.

3. Design

A collaborative design process from end-to-end, we will create a set of visual concepts, iterating on the design until you’re completely satisfied with the look and feel.

4. Development

Watch the designs come to life whilst our team translate the approved designs into a working website on our development server.

5. Testing

We undergo a full Q&A and interoperability testing process for your medical website, ensuring optimal performance.

6. Launch

When you’re completely satisfied with all aspects of the website, we will work towards launching the website smoothly.


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Marco Lassandro - Marketing Manager, Natrox Wound Care
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I just wanted to say thank you again for what has been a fantastic two years working together. You guys have set the bar very high in terms of digital marketing agencies that’s for sure....
Ainsley O’Keefe - Marketing Manager, Royal Free Private Patients
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Medico Digital are a fabulous agency with an impeccable standard of service. The team are friendly, professional, quick to respond, and solution focused. They oversee both our websites, our SEO strategy, and our PPP objectives....
Josephine Trotter - Head of Marketing, Horder Healthcare
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What I like about Ollie, Rich and the team at Medico Digital is that they're responsive to our commercial needs, meet deadlines and deliver first-rate work - they're also a pleasure to work with.
Alex Singleton - Director of Marketing and Communications, Circle Health Group
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Medico Digital have been a pleasure to work with from the outset. Quick to respond, comprehensive with explanations and very approachable. We have had some brilliant feedback about the new site, and we have asked...
Sarah Pritchard - Campaigns and Digital Manager, Bath & North East Somerset CCG

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