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Healthcare Marketing News – September Round-up

Healthcare marketing

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3rd October 2022


Written by Emma Dowey


Digital marketing

Keeping up to date with the latest healthcare marketing news, opinions, regulatory changes, and insights is something we take pride in.

Here are your digital marketing healthcare updates and stories that caught our eye during September.

Pharma’s new marketing mix brings closer collaboration with sales reps 

COVID-19 caused a major shift towards digital sales interactions in the pharmaceutical industry. And it’s estimated that pre-pandemic, just 5% of sales interactions with healthcare professionals were digital. Post-pandemic that number sits at almost 30%. How can marketing departments find the right balance between in-person and digital content, without losing healthcare professionals’ attention? A recent report from Veeva explores this in more detail.

The rise of the virtual nurse

Globally, nurses constitute more than half of all health workers, providing essential services throughout the health sector. But the World Health Organization  “State of the World’s Nursing 2020,” reports a shortfall of around 5.9 million nurses in the healthcare workforce. 

How can virtual nursing programs help hospitals overcome staffing shortages and support onsite nurses in providing patient care? And can virtual nursing ever be a success? Read how Saint Luke’s Health System in Kansas City has had to get creative with the way they future-proof providing patient care

The future of the digital front door in healthcare

The digital front door is no longer a nice to have according to American business consulting company, Frost & Sullivan. It’s a critical part of every healthcare organisation’s digital health strategy, extending far beyond just the website. Providers must act now if they want to keep ahead of the competition. And there are so many opportunities for organisations to adopt digital healthcare solutions to enable better patient outcomes. Work with an agency that can help you keep ahead of the pace of change.

How are mobile apps transforming healthcare?

Did you know that when counted in the first quarter of 2022 there are around 52k healthcare apps on the Google play store and a similar number in the Apple app store?! In recent years, the healthcare industry has undergone an enormous transformation due to technological innovation and advances in healthcare apps. Mobile apps are not only used for booking GP appointments but are used more and more to diagnose illness, monitor health and track fitness. This recent article on how mobile apps are transforming healthcare shares some interesting thoughts and statistics on the app market. 

Google Helpful Content Update Improves Customer Experience and SEO Strategy 

People use and rely on Google every day to help them with healthcare advice, information and questions. And they trust Google to serve them the best content based on their search query. That’s why Google just announced their new Helpful Content Update, a ranking algorithm update that aims to reward content that provides a satisfying user experience while reducing visibility in search engine results pages (SERPs) for content written to rank in search engines to attract clicks. This means it’s now more important than ever for healthcare marketers and content creators to provide high-quality content that’s accurate, authoritative, engaging and trustworthy. Content should be clearly referenced by science and not be written in a clickbait/tabloid style. Our team of medical copywriters are on hand for any questions or requirements you have.

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