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Healthcare marketing news – May round-up

Healthcare marketing

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31st May 2022


Written by Louis Meletiou


Digital marketing

Healthcare Marketing News – May Round-Up

As experts in healthcare digital marketing, our team keep up-to-date on all the latest healthcare industry news, opinions, regulatory changes and insights. And every month, we package up the key takeaways, along with our own thoughts and opinions on what those mean for you!

Here are your digital healthcare updates for May.

Google launches My Ad Center, which lets you see more or fewer ads from brands and categories 

The launch of Google My Ad Centre will see users given more control over privacy and how their data is used online. This is great news for internet users who want personalised ad experiences and transparency. And it should be good news for the advertising industry too. The new functionality means users are in complete control of the categories and brands they do and don’t want to see. 

Medico take: The positive here is that ad relevance should improve, with people more likely to convert seeing your ads and a reduction in wasted clicks/spend. Transparency into who is paying for the ad being served also means the end of the line for any advertisers trying to mask or hide information. 

YouTube Shorts Ads announced

With over 30bn views per day, it’s no surprise that YouTube Shorts is rolling out ad functionality. Advertisers will be able to use a range of video solutions to capture their audience’s attention. 

Medico take: Youtube’s TikTok competitor has made it easy for creators to cater to an audience looking for a similar, browsable experience. The more mature advertising infrastructure around the Youtube platform makes shorts a slightly safer bet than Tiktok if you’re looking to roll out video campaigns.

The pandemic ‘pushed digital health forward like 15 years in three weeks,’ health tech CEO 

We all know the pandemic accelerated the pace of digital change in healthcare. But which strategies and innovations are likely to stick around post-Covid? The initial focus was on telehealth and remote monitoring for improved healthcare management. But there are still opportunities for enabling better patient care in the home, as well as the development of apps to manage mental health and wellness. 

Medico take: There’s so much opportunity for organisations to adopt digital healthcare solutions to enable better patient outcomes. Consumer healthcare is also a space that looks set to explode over the next 5 years. It will be more important than ever to ensure you have a robust digital marketing strategy aligned to your go-to-market plans. 

How Far Has Telehealth Actually Come?

Forbes reports that recent research shows that telehealth volumes dropped after the initial peak during the pandemic, perhaps indicating an appetite for more in-person consultations. Although there are clearly plenty of benefits for virtual healthcare, telehealth also has plenty of challenges and limitations too.

Medico take: Clinicians and patients are aware of the limitations of using telehealth as the default for care but we predict that telehealth is here to stay for the foreseeable future. Make sure you don’t get left behind with outdated digital infrastructure and user experience. 

If you missed last month’s healthcare marketing news, you can find our April round-up here.

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