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Which healthcare marketing trends should you really care about? Download the guide now!


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23rd June 2022


Written by Louis Meletiou



As busy professionals, it can be challenging to keep up with trends and developments in the marketing space. And that’s without adding the complexities of the healthcare industry into the mix. 

What are the current healthcare marketing trends that you should care about? Do they really matter and how might they impact your go-to-market strategies? How can you keep up with the pace of change without losing sight of what’s relevant to your business? 

We’re experts in digital healthcare marketing and web design. We live and breathe healthcare marketing! And with that in mind, we’ve put together a comprehensive guide which gives you all the information you need to know about the digital marketing trends shaping the healthcare sector. Download your copy of Healthcare marketing trends that are driving return on investment to keep ahead of the curve. 

Some of the topics we explore include:

The consumerisation of healthcare 

With the rise of digital tech in the healthcare sector, we’ve never had more influence and control over how we research and make healthcare decisions for ourselves. Digital marketing will play a key part in providing first-class patient experiences across all touchpoints. 

An omnichannel approach

You may be thinking “omni-what?” but an omnichannel approach to digital healthcare marketing aims to use all channels, platforms and devices to market your business to your ideal audience, whether patient or healthcare professional. Omnichannel marketing puts your audience at the centre of your strategy, meaning you can provide a seamless experience from the start.

Regulations and data

There are lots of potential pitfalls and mistakes that can be made in the healthcare marketing sector.  And they can be costly. We explore data privacy and the need for first-party data, as well as tactics for keeping on the right side of regulations. 

These blog posts go into more detail about advertising regulations too: 

Website optimisation 

First impressions are crucial. Make sure your healthcare website wows with seamless UX, beautiful design, easy navigation and super speed. We’ve developed hundreds of healthcare websites and we know what works. Find out what the big wins for your website are in the healthcare industry. 

SEO in healthcare

The importance of search cannot be underestimated, with more than 70% of physicians using search engines daily to access information. And according to data compiled by private UK healthcare provider, Benenden Health, the UK conducted more than 100 million health-related Google searches in 2019. But how can you win at SEO? Our guide gives you the lowdown. 

The future of telehealth

Telehealth saw a huge increase in popularity owing mainly to the pandemic. And telehealth isn’t going away anytime soon. In fact, Harvard Business Review reports that the era of telehealth is only just beginning. Our guide explores what the rise in new technology and solutions mean for businesses. 

Attribution models

Which marketing activities did your audience interact with before converting? Which activities had the most impact and influence? We look at why attribution is so important and share insights for rethinking challenges. 

Download the guide now: 

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