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Aspen Healthcare

Increasing self-paying patient enquiries through Google and Facebook Ads

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Aspen Healthcare

Aspen Healthcare is a private healthcare provider operating four acute hospitals, two cancer centres and two day-surgery hospitals in the UK.

Looking to increase their share of the self-paying patient market, Aspen appointed Medico Digital to devise and implement a series of strategic digital advertising campaigns across Google and Facebook for their Parkside, Holly and Highgate hospitals.

The challenge

Standing out in a competitive London market saturated by other large private healthcare groups with deep pockets.

Making best use of existing digital assets (websites and collateral) that were in the process of being upgraded.

Reporting and being able to accurately track performance to measure return on investment.

The solution

Conducted in-depth keyword research across the Greater London region for cosmetic, orthopaedic, endoscopy and private GP services in order to create a number of laser-targeted Google Ad campaigns focusing on high intent search phrases towards the decision phase of the patient journey.

Rewrote existing web page copy for Parkside hospital’s diagnostic imaging and private GP services to develop the hospital’s offering and improve the conversion rates of traffic derived from the campaigns.

Created speciality-specific retargeting campaigns on Facebook to reengage non-convertors from the Google Ad campaigns, driving patients back onsite towards conversion.

Reached out to new audiences by leveraging Facebook’s powerful ad platform to target key patient demographics using a variety of factors, including affluent regional markets and previous online behaviour.

Maximised ad exposure within the available budget through twice-daily monitoring of negative keywords and ruthless testing of ad messaging and creative.

The Results

Enquiries CPA
Parkside 404 £16.49
Holly 117 £17.40
Highgate 113 £12.95
Sub Total 634 £16.03


Enquiries CPA
Parkside 124 £24.19
Holly 74 £14.63
Highgate 10 £42.38
Sub Total 208 £21.66


Enquiries CPA
634 £16.03
208 £21.66
Total 842 £17.42

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