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Thai Optical Group

Boosting brand awareness and driving growth in Western Europe for a leading eye lens manufacturer rooted in Asia

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The challenge

Establishing an unknown brand in a new market

Thai Optical Group (TOG) is an independent eye lens manufacturer, providing a wide range of ophthalmic lens services and solutions. Their digital assets have traditionally been focused on the Asian market so they sought Medico’s expertise to establish their brand identity and drive leads in Europe.

The solution

Establishing brand identity takes time, so while awareness campaigns were developed and implemented, we also targeted specific audiences with unique sales messaging to begin generating leads based on the highly competitive aspects of TOG’s fulfillment solutions.

Step 1.
Start from the ground up

It was clear we would need to raise the profile of their online presence through a content-driven, lead-gen campaign that would establish their brand identity and maximise results. A comprehensive SEO strategy coupled with paid advertising and social media helped achieve short-term wins that delivered long-term gains, and enabled TOG to establish themselves as leaders in the eye lens market.

Step 2.
Building trust through SEO

Our continued partnership comprises a long-term SEO strategy with ongoing digital marketing initiatives to establish an always-on approach that keeps TOG prominent in the space and relevant to market.

Step 3.
The Results

This campaign exceeded expectations. We surpassed 2 million message views and achieved 14k high-quality website views, whilst also generating 43% impression share in the market.

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