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26th October 2018


Written by Inara Sihat

If Instagram’s not a part of your healthcare marketing strategy, then it should be

Most healthcare services understand the importance of having a social media presence. From maintaining a public Facebook page to Tweeting out important news and announcements, many doctors and medical professionals have already mastered the basics of social media marketing. However, most are overlooking the benefits of Instagram as a marketing platform. With good images and strong healthcare hashtags (#), Instagram can be an incredibly powerful tool for attracting new patient enquiries.

Why Instagram?

With over one billion users worldwide, Instagram is a fast and effective way of reaching a huge market. Plus, studies show that image-led posts have a far better response rate from audiences than pieces of text – and a better conversion rate, too. If you hope to boost patient numbers at your clinic or medical facility, then Instagram marketing could be the way forward.

What makes a great Instagram post?

When users scroll through Instagram, they take less than a second to view each picture. If you want your content to stand out, you need to use professional quality images that are eye-catching and interesting. Take tips from the some of the best doctor Instagram accounts – such as Harley Street surgeon Dr. Sanjay Trikha.

For a medical practitioner, choosing which images to promote can be tricky. You don’t want to put off patients with gory surgical images, or pictures of intimidating medical equipment! However, there are lots of types of images that are certainly ‘grammable’ – and these are what will help you engage new patients.

Pictures of your treatment clinics, offices and staff members can be extremely reassuring for new and nervous patients. For cosmetic and dental surgeons, before and after photos are the perfect way to show off the results you produce. Plus, there is a wealth of expert information you could share with your followers, using clever and concise videos, infographics and diagrams.

Protect your patients – and your practice

If you use photos or videos of patients to advertise your services, make sure you have their permission to post. You should also treat each post like an advert for your business: so stay on the right side of the regulators! Any false or misleading claims or promises could land you in trouble with the ASA, the GMC and the BMA.

Make use of Instagram and promote your practice

Would you like to create a solid Instagram strategy for your practice? Medico Digital’s marketing and social media specialists understand exactly what makes Instagram users tick, and they have an in-depth knowledge of the medical profession and its unique needs. We can develop effective social media solutions for your practice or clinic, designed to engage new patients and promote the great work you do. For more information, get in touch today and let’s start hashtagging! ###

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