Pharmaceutical Marketing Services

Here at Medico Digital, we have the experience, knowledge and expertise to help pharmaceutical companies build strong and effective digital marketing strategies. We haveyears of experience within the healthcare marketing industry.  

Our bespoke digital marketing strategies can help pharmaceutical companies to achieve their marketing objectives, from engaging with healthcare professionals and non-clinical stakeholders, to educating patients about rare diseases, and anything in between.

Pharmaceutical SEO

As the number one SEO agency for the healthcare industry, we can help your pharmaceutical business grow in visibility and rankings. Whether you want to target patients or healthcare professionals, we know exactly what they will be searching for online and how you can dramatically improve your chances of capturing their attention.  

From medically validated, MLR review ready, copywriting to complex technical search engine optimisation of your CMS, our team are a one-stop shop to help you achieve better organic rankings.

Pharmaceutical Copywriting

When building pharmaceutical copy for your company, our talented and experienced SEO team will pull out all the stops to produce high-quality content. We carry out extensive keyword research, competitor analysis and SERP reviews to ensure that each piece of content is as optimised as it can be. All content is written by experienced, quality medical and healthcare professionals to ensure accuracy and an audience-friendly reading experience. 

Before publication, the content will go through stringent testing to ensure that it meets SEO best practices. These include E-A-T (expertise, authority and trustworthiness) and YMYL (your money or your life), which ensure the content written is of the quality that search engines prioritise. You can also rest assured that we are up to date on the latest pharmaceutical regulations so that the content we provide will be fully compliant, which is critical to securing reader trust.  

Technical SEO

Technical SEO is the way that we ensure your pharmaceutical website adheres to the requirements of the top search engines. Improving the technical elements of your pharmaceutical website or e-commerce site can help your company to improve its organic rankings. Our technical SEO experts can help in various ways, including by setting up a more useable website structure, optimising keywords, and improving the underlying code of the website.  

Link Building

Link building involves getting links to your pharmaceutical company from other websites. The more high-quality websites that link back to your website, the better you will rank on search engines, thanks to the authority you receive from being linked to a trusted site. We have a wealth of experience providing link-building services to pharmaceutical businesses and a vast network of relationships with high-quality, relevant websites.  

Pharmaceutical PPC Services

Because of the heavily regulated nature of pharmaceutical services, they, along with the broader healthcare industry, are under more intense scrutiny from digital advertising platforms. This makes it essential for companies to engage pharmaceutical PPC experts to help ensure they meet the crucial terms for practice in PPC.  

With our many years of experience running paid media campaigns for the healthcare industry, we have the tools and knowledge to help your pharmaceutical company grow its visibility, conversion rate, and CRT using tested and true methods.  

Pharmaceutical Search Data And Keyword Research

With the use of the correct pharmaceutical keywords and search data, we can help your company capture the attention of the healthcare professionals and patients you need to help your business grow. 

Knowing what your target audience searches for most is critical to reaching the right audience and we have a treasure trove of data to help us identify only the most valuable search phrases for your campaigns.

Pharmaceutical Ad Copy

The tone and content of pharmaceutical ad copy are crucial to building trust among readers. Our ad copy is always written with the user in mind, whether it is directed at patients or other healthcare professionals. Maintaining a sense of humanity and authority is crucial to gaining and holding a reader’s attention and standing out among the crowd in advertising.  

We use only medical copywriters with a track record of providing quality, authoritative and medically accurate content. 

Pharmaceutical Advertising Regulations

Pharmaceutical businesses face strict regulation from digital advertisers like Google Ads. This is designed to protect patients and other users, and failure to adhere to these regulations can lead to suspended accounts. At Medico Digital, we always adhere to the latest regulations while using the expertise built over the years to ensure that your business still gets maximum attention.  

Pharmaceutical Web Design

Medico has a vast amount of experience in website design and development, meaning we can build you a quality, pharma-friendly website that appeals to your audience. Designed for ease of use, our websites help you stay abreast of the latest regulations and provide an intuitive content management system, ensuring a quality user experience.  

Pharmaceutical Web Design
Website Development And Functionality

We create quality bespoke websites with stunning aesthetics and the very best in functionality. When it comes to being a successful pharmaceutical company, your website quality is the most important tool you have. It should provide visitors with a quality experience, allowing them to find exactly what they need with ease. Nothing can put off a customer like an unwieldy or unappealing website, so quality is critical.  

In addition to style and functionality, all of our websites are built with technical accuracy, taking into account SEO guidelines to help your website rank highly. Accessible, GDPR compliant and mobile-friendly, our websites provide you and your customers with the quality experience and usability you deserve. 

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Google Rating
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